26 gallon boil/mashtun

Here is a big vessel. Has a removable false bottom. Can be used for either boil or mash.
30 bucks

Give it to me


If you take the rest of the stuff I posted.

Brian, the new member to the club is looking for carboys as he does not have a way to do secondary fermentation before bottling. If Eammon takes it all, at the last meeting I know 1 or 2 people were wanting carboys.

We really need to get new people to read the web site.

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Plus, Eammon is just pulling my chain. He doesn’t really want the 26 gallon kettle.

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This item is sold.

Hey! I didn’t know about this sale, but he’s right, I am looking for some additional al equipment!

Check the other post that is titled “Stuff that needs to leave my garage” He has a propane burner and 2 carboys.

As Brent said,Did you see my other posting ? Carboys and a propane burner.

The kettle was way too big for your needs at this point in brewing.

Call me 703-4five0-0302 and arrange to pick up some stuff.