Beersmith 3 coming soon

Looks like some major updates for Beersmith:


Pricing is out there now. It is fair. Anyone jump in? If so, what do you think? I need to upgrade.

I too am looking to upgrade. I need to get Beersmith 2 off of my old computer so I can maintain all of my old recipes.

Next rainy day I am going to set it up. I think I will shove a copy to a VM in the cloud so that I can access the recipes anywhere. I just need to sift cloud options I guess.

I grabbed 3. Have never used any BeerSmith version. Iā€™m trying to get familiar with the layout.
If you guys have any inside tricks or Odd gotchas, let me know.

There are a lot of upgrades with v3 from what I have. Good stuff. It is pretty straight forward to use. I am hoping that ingredients are updated more quickly in the new version.

BTW, all those rainy days and I have not committed yet.