Blichmann Pump (don't need this software to tell me how long to make the topic title)

This Riptide pump kit is pretty intelligently designed.

I was going to put a picture up here to show it, but Can’t see how to upload one.

That is pretty sweet. IT solves a handful of problems my set up has including the super annoying pump lockups

Full disassembly is an fantastic feature.

Side note: if you money around a little with the upload you can post a picture…

I have one… its quiet and strong. wouldnt assume that bad placement all the sudden is fixed by this magical thing but it is a good replacement for my sqeaky 815 thats seen a few gallons.

my thinking is that the vent is an awesome answer to rather frequent vacuum issues. There is some silly gymnastics that I need to do on occasion. Also, the pump breakdown seems like a great idea as I rely on various chemicals to assure that I’ve killed things dead.

Ah yes, the breakdown is amazing part. I don’t think I would do it every time especially if you CIP but just in case you want to be thorough its easy. There is a small metal washer that is super easy to lose so if you buy one and want to do the breakdown cleaning often then I suggest you buy some replacements (I think $0.45 each).