Chill plate or comparable for 4-tap setup

I am building my buddy a 4-tap setup for his wedding. It’s meant to just be a glorified surround for the kegs/co2/drip bucket. This is what they sent me as inspiration:

The problem:
Building it is fine and dandy, but I want COLD beer. So how am I going to chill beer from two 1/2 barrel and two corny kegs?

I’ve thought about a giant farm bucket and ice bath, but I don’t want it to sweat all over the place.
I’ve thought about giant coolers, but they don’t get large enough to fit a 1/2 barrel keg.
So in-line chilling seems like a good alternative. And is something I have NO background on (this is where you guys come in).

Advice, links, ramblings all are appreciated.

Best hands down,
Get a 4 product cold plate.


Or get two 50 ft stainless coils, cut each in half to make 4 taps cold.

Or just borrow one of our jockey boxes. I have an eight top box, others have smaller ones. Do you have to make another one? Is this so you have one for the future?

The longer term plan is to leave this whole setup with them as a wedding gift they can use down the road. Though, I had thoughts about using a jockey box for just the chilling aspects of it and have the beer outlet run up to the taps. In that case, I wouldn’t have to buy additional stuff – just be a bum and borrow it.