December NoVa Homebrew Club Meeting

December NoVa Homebrew Club Meeting

Monday December 21, 2020 @ 6:00pm.

@ The Craft of Brewing, Ashburn, VA. (Mitch’s place)
21140 Ashburn Crossing Dr Suite 170, Ashburn, VA 20147

Note the proposed earlier start time!!! 6PM, so we have enough time to get to it all!!

Bring something very special, very rare, or has a great story!!!
Bring food to share.

I will be bringing the 12 days of Christmas from the Bruery and the 12 days BB-aged. So no need to be cleaning out the fridge for the meeting, leave that for the other 11 months.

Updates: See Mitch’s note about brewing at TCOB, please take him up on it.

NovaOut Spring 2021 is being scheduled for the weekend after Easter, April 8, 9, 10, and 11.

Still need to discuss American Craft Beer Week plans.

Discuss list of topics for tech talks each month. - I would like to start up again our discussions around brewing tech topics. Thus, bring your ideas of what you would like to hear, what you could present, and other items.

Travis wants us to participate in the off-flavors tasting with him and his staff. Coordinate and schedule.


An update. With the new Virginia restrictions in place, we will need you all to confirm that you will be attending via this web post. With a limit of 25 people total, we will only be able to have those that confirm that they will attend and then first come first serve up to 25.

I think this might not be a problem, but we have approached that number in the past. Remember, we have a Banquet license and a relationship that makes this a known event and we are obligated to protect everyone as part of this. We will be strict on this.

Current count: 8 + Mitch(required) +Travis(required). 16 spots remain.

Also, we will be taking a collection for the banquet license ($55.00 total). Bring cash to give to Carl. (Thanks Carl)

Webster will be attending and bringing 1 guests(+2). Jason Romano, owner/brewer Lake Anne Brewhouse.

Brent will be attending. (1)

Carl will be attending (1)

I’m in and I’m sure Ralph is coming too… That’s 2 more…

I plan on being there with a +1 (2)

Ill be there. Just me. (1)

Yukon Pete will be there.

The Governor of Virginia has issued a new executive order that further constrains what we can do on 12/21/2020.

The new order limits social gatherings to 10 people per group. The current interpretation (approved by TCOB and the member representatives of the club) is that our club can still meet and we will limit the attendance to a total of 20 people (2 groups of 10 maximum). Those 20 people will further divide into 2 groups when we gather. We will have a “pouring table” set up where the offered choice will be poured from, each group will come to the “pouring table” separately to minimize the overlap and interaction between them. I ask that each group do their best to not intermingle and keep our two groups distinct. We are trying to follow the intent here and still get together as normal as possible. We are also sensitive to TCOB’s considerations as well.

Reminder: You must wear a mask (yes, even during the meeting, as long as you are not drinking). Please bring wipes or hand sanitizer as well. For those bringing food, (which I hope is many of you!!). If possible, bring it in two containers, or separable so that each group can have theirs and limit the mingling. Also, please bring plates, napkins, disposable utensils, etc.

Current count: 12. 8 spots remain.

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Corey will be attending (1)

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Just talked to Ralph… he’s working so that frees up one spot. I still plan on attending.

I’m not going to make it folks. Have a good time!

Sorry to hear. Happy Holidays to you and the family.

Kenny will be there (1). Late but looks like there’s spots available. In route

Disregard. Looks like I’ll have to catch the next one. Happy holidays!