February 2022 NoVa Homebrew Club Meeting - New Venue!

February 2022 NoVa Homebrew Club Meeting

Monday February 21, 2022 @ 7:30pm (Note, back to original start time, Back to Old OX)

Meeting @ Old Ox
44652 Guilford Dr #114, Ashburn, VA 20147


Discuss list of topics for tech talks each month.

  • Macro Shit Show!
  • Off flavors kit (coordinate with Mitch)
  • DIY projects
  • Yeast - brands, starters, pitching and fermentation temps
  • Water - Adjustments for various styles, testing pH and adjusting
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It is a good thing that we have arranged a new location for our meetings. I was told last night that TCOB would no longer be a venue supporting our NoVa Homebrew meetings. The owner said he appreciated all we had done, but he could no longer offer support.

I kinda thought that was the direction he was going.
Oh Well

Just bumping this up to remind everyone of the meeting tonight and also to remind you that it is at Old Ox Brewery.