For Sale

I’m selling off some brewing equipment. First up is my Blichmann Brew Sculpture. It has three burners, one shelf and two brackets, one for a pump and one for a Blichmann plate chiller. It’s a pretty sturdy stand. It has wheels on one side to move it in and out of the garage. 275.00

I’m not aggressively selling. This is the first place I’ve mentioned it since I’d like to have someone in the club get it if there is interest.

Contact here or call me at 703-450-0302. I imagine that most of us have what we need to brew or in some cases more than we need NOT to brew, I won’t mention any names Carl.

I resemble that comment…


Congratulations. Did it go to someone you know or someone we should invite to the club?

The guy used to work at MYLHBS until he got let go.

He knows how to drink beer so no need to learn by joining our beer :slight_smile:

Damn! That hurts