Free Hops

I’m wondering if anyone reads this site at this point.


I am cleaning up our hop collection at TCOB.I Have some hops to give away.
Right now EKG and Cascade. These are 2016 crop. Might find more to give away.

Let me know if anyone is interested.

Add fuggles hops as well

I posted on HOWL’s Facebook page. They cleaned out everything except the Cascade. I have 88 lbs of it left

I’ve set it up to spam me relentlessly when anybody posts anything. If I were brewing more outside of TCOB I would jump on this. Thanks for the offer.

Yes, I pay attention. I am interested in the hops. Let me know when to get with you to pick them up. Thanks!

I have a lot of ne3wer old hops at my place. :wink:

I read it…but I’m good on cascade. thanks anyway!