House 6 Brewing Ceasing production

Another local brewery bites the dust

Bummer. I thought they made some solid beers. The location was a bit off the beaten path, but so are many of the other breweries on the area. I am curious if this was purely a financial decision or if there was more to it. I also wonder if somebody else will take over the brewery or if it will be auctioned off.

The is from their Instagram account. I won’t be able to make it, but note that this Saturday they are having an event:

  • Saturday 9th- 12-10pm (5 Year Anniversary/Last Dance Extravaganza)

Starting September 1st House 6 will go down to limited hours. We will only be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until the 17th of September and well as the 13th for our final Worlds Okayest Trivia Night. See our schedule below.

Friday 1st- 3-9pm
Saturday 2nd- 12-6pm
Sunday 3rd- 12-6pm (Final 1st Sunday Market)

Friday 8th- 3-9pm
Saturday 9th- 12-10pm (5 Year Anniversary/Last Dance Extravaganza)
Sunday 10th- 12-6pm

Wednesday 13th- 3-9pm (Final Trivia Night)
Friday 15th- 3-9pm
Saturday 16th- 12-6pm
Sunday 17th- 12-6pm (Birds of Pray show)

We have plenty of beer and merchandise left so if you are able to make it in on any of these days please help us out and take some home!

We’ll see you at the House :beers::heart: