Interesting products for Brew In a Bag brewers

I was impressed with the products this site offers:

Especially the pully system.

That is actually the bag that I use. I sent them the dimensions of my kettle and they made it to my exact size. I also have 2 pair of their heat resistant gloves as well. I ended up using an electric winch instead if the pulley system, though I have heard the pulley works well. I have the say I am very impressed with the brew bag. I can actually mill the grain as fine as possible and nothing gets through this bag. It has helped my efficiency get into the 80s. It has made a huge difference.


That could reduce the foot print of the Sabco 60%. Keggle + “magic box” + chiller with the bag and winch.

Alternately, with a little ingenuity I could do 3 batches in the time it takes for ~1.5.

I purchased my brew bag from then along with the pulley. My 10 gal kettle is fairly wide, and I was having trouble finding one at the local shops that fit. It is a good quality bag and the pulley setup is hand. Mel also got a bag from then to fit her 4 gal kettle.

I picked up another bag recently from MoreBeer and the bag is very similar to this one. The stitching on the MoreBeer one does not seem quite a nice but the size and material look identical. (I touched my “The Brew Bag” one against my hot propane burner ring and it melted a hole in it.)