January 2023 NoVa Homebrew Club Meeting

January 2023 NoVa Homebrew Club Meeting

Monday January 16, 2023 @ 7:30pm (Note, back to 7:30 start time)

44652 Guilford Dr. #114, Ashburn, VA 20147

American Craft Beer Week ( May 15 - May 23, 2023)
- We have been invited to start our participation with Old Ox back up! Get your best recipe ready.

Discuss list of topics for tech talks each month.
- Water treatment
- Recipe development
- Sensory training

If we have time, would like to discuss different people’s mash process.

I know this is crazy, but I will make it tonight!

I like the Monster Mash myself!

I would be curious myself. My gas fired BIAB setup really does not make step mashing practical so I am a single infusion guy myself. My setup before BIAB also did not really support step mashing either.