Kegerator for sale

A dude I know is attempting to sell off his kegerator cause he’s not using it much anymore–something about life changes. Anywho, it is a converted fridge with working freezer up top. 3 taps, drip tray, 3-way secondary regulator, 3 sanke keg couplers, and a quasi-holster for a 5# CO2 cylinder bolted on to the side. He and friends built it in the early 2000s. All the lines will need to be replaced.

I was thinking to buy the thing for parts and ditch it after, but haven’t done that and he’s asking to move it again. Do “we” need another ferment fridge at Old Ox or someone’s house? Does someone want it as is?

How much is he asking for it? Price is the key here. How bad does he want it gone?

My feeling is he’d settle in the $150 to $200 range. It’s in the middle of Ashburn.

I am a no go. It is more than I would be looking to spend for the secondary regulators. I would also just part it out.