Kegerator recommendations

I’m in the market for a 2 or 3 tap kegerator. I’d appreciate advise from the experienced homebrewers of the club. What should I look for? What are the best brands for the buck?

I shopped for a kegerator on Craig’s list. I found one that had the tap handle broken off, so it was cheaper. Made sure that it still stayed at 40 deg. Bought it and immediately ripped out the old tap and gear. I thoroughly cleaned it, bought a new gasket for the gas line hole. This kegerator was set-up for holding commercial 1/2 BBl kegs and kept the CO2 outside the kegerator. This was great for me because I set up a 20# CO2 tank with a dual regulator, one line goes to a gas manifold mounted inside the kegerator. This splits out to valves with lines. I can fit 3 full corny kegs in the kegerator and also keep my 1 Gal Man Can in their as well. 3 of the four gas lines go to the ball-lock kegs, the fourth line is set up with a quick disconnect and I can swap out which type of connection for gas. I have a Sankey set up, a pin lock set up, and another ball-link set-up.

I bought a 3 tap tower, new hosing, and 3 Perlick taps. Make sure you shop and get the tap types you want to have. Size, cleaning, and durability matter. I have a keg filler hose for bottle transfers.

If you Homebrew and like to have options, this is the way to go. If you are just buying commercial kegs, you can stick with a 2 tap set-up. I recommend getting a least 2 taps though, not just a single.

These options and choices are not the cheap way to do it. For me, this is not an area to skimp. It is in my Dining room and is often a talking piece, plus the wife has to look at it.

I have room for serving, lagering, cold crashing, transferring, etc. I bought the kegerator for $130, Tap tower/taps for $300, CO2 tank was free, gas manifold $45, lines/connectors $50.

Hope that helps.


Wolfej50, any updates? Did you get a kegerator?

Not yet. Still looking, although since we’re having a wedding next week, it’s not the top priority right now. Thanks for asking.