March 2021 NoVa Homebrew Club Meeting

March 2021 NoVa Homebrew Club Meeting

Monday March 15, 2021 @ 7:30pm

@ The Craft of Brewing, Ashburn, VA. (Mitch’s place)
21140 Ashburn Crossing Dr Suite 170, Ashburn, VA 20147

Updates: See Mitch’s note about brewing at TCOB, please take him up on it.

NovaOut Spring 2021 is scheduled for the weekend after Easter, April 8, 9, 10, and 11.

Need to get the planning spreadsheet warmed back up and posted.


Discuss quarterly or more frequent brew days at TCoB. What has been scheduled, can we get 4 in this year?

Still need to discuss American Craft Beer Week plans. (May 12-16, 2021) Waiting for members to post interest and some creative ideas (beers by country, great examples, Hop deconstruction, …) Got one from Pete Hart, we need ideas as well as commitments. We are running out of time to coordinate and brew. This is only 9 weeks away.

Discuss list of topics for tech talks each month.

  • Web - Bring in his Son of Fermentation Chamber (Will bring it in for March 15th)
  • Web - Discuss and demo Counter flow chiller (best in July)
  • Mitch - discuss basic water preparation and salts.
  • Mitch - coordinate the off-flavor test kits.

NovaOut is a go with the same campsites as last time.

  • Prices per person will be discussed at the meeting on 03/15
  • I will need commitments of attendance (payments) for the cost upfront as I will be paying for total cost out of my pocket.
  • We will be going over the Rules of the campgrounds at the meeting. I am personally vouching for our group and I do not want to be embarrassed or hauled off to jail for bad behavior.
  • The park manager is a friend of mine and don’t want to lose our friendship over something stupid.
  • The total price will be divided by the number orfNova Home-brew attendees.
  • Let’s get the sign-up sheet going ASAP after the meeting.
    I’m looking forward to a good time with great fellowship and awesome homebrews!

Any questions will be answered at the meeting.