Mashout 2020 has been cancelled

Just when we thought we might be turning the corner on the malaise and hopelessness, another paragon of consistency and celebration falls.

I hope we don’t just start cancelling stuff in 2024 now too. I am worried we might not make it to the next visible Solar Eclipse. We have a good party planned for that event.

Damn it! Looks like we need to do NOVAOut. We can still make it one hell of a time.

Agreed. Maybe that spot where you, Nate, and Berman went. Wonder if it’s already booked?

I will take a look and let everyone know. It was a pretty nice place and would probably be good for our group. It would not be big enough for multiple groups.

Green Ridge State Forest HQ is closed due to Covid and you are unable to reserve group sites at this time.

Regular 6 person sites are first come first serve at this time.

Thanks man! I hope that you and the family are doing well.