Mashout 2021 - August 19-22

The 2021 Mid-Atlantic States Homebrewers’ Campout (MASHOUT) will be held this year from August 19th-22nd, 2021!

The event will be held come at your own risk and it will be expected of people to be sensible and responsible with precautions in light of the Covid epidemic. The activities will be modified somewhat (such as no pot luck dinner), but there will remain many activities that can be done with minimal risk.

We wanted to send out this early communication so everyone can mark their calendars (8/19 - 8/22) to attend the Mid-Atlantic’s premier homebrewing camping event. Please stay tuned for additional details and information on registration.

Thanks to everyone that filled out the survey, as based on this interest the planning committee has made the decision to move forward with the event! We hope to return to the 2019 site, but there are some alternatives in the general area of Western Maryland, if this location isn’t feasible for this year.

Time to dust off your camping gear, plan your brewing schedule, and get ready to attend highlight of the summer for area brewers.

As you know, MASHOUT, it is a camping event for brewers held just north of Cumberland, MD (approximately 2 hours from DC, Pittsburgh & Baltimore) around the 3rd week of August for over 30 years.

The current site has a large flat, tree lined camping area near a stream with accommodations for RVs and pull behind campers (no hookups). There are great amenities, including a covered pavilion for community events, a BBQ pit area, plenty of parking, and the ability to cool off in the adjacent stream. Many clubs set up their tents together to form a small communities for the 3 nights, but others preferred to camp out on their own. Homebrew clubs love to share beer & stories, so even if it was your first time you won’t be a stranger for long.

MASHOUT has always been and will continue as a non-profit event designed to gather area brewers and their supporters.

Registration fees are used specifically for expenses related to the event, all organizers are uncompensated volunteers.

Copyright © 2019 Camp MASHOUT, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
Camping in a field in Western, MD

I am interested. I could probably brew up 5 or 10 gallons of beer for the event.

can’t go this year.

I’m in. Not sure what I’m bringing.

I signed up. I need to fit in a brew day or two.

Registration is Open here:

The location listed is 11828 Mason Road NE, Cumberland, MD 21502. This is just a few miles away from the old place where MASHOUT was held for many years. I have never been to this location myself.

I won’t be able to make this month’s club meeting. Please post here if the club makes any organized plans.

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All attached is a link to the spreadsheet for Mashout planning. Please use this to keep everyone updated. It is editable by anyone that has the link. Please use it as a tool for organization. Enter when you plan to arrive and anything you are bringing. It really helps up know what is needed and can assist us not bring unnecessary duplicates.

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Come on everyone. Sound off if you are going to Mashout. Also, start updating the spreadsheet. You do not have to fill in everything, but if we can start getting it filled in it will be a big help. That way 2 or 3 of us don’t end up having to sign up and bring everything.

I’m in. I’ve been wanting to come for years.


Jason! It has been a while. I keep thinking I need to swing by Lake Anne.

I got an email today about ordering a shirt, but I have not seen any info on what the shirt looks like. Anybody got more info?

I will admit that the latest trends on COVID make me a little nervous. :frowning:

Woohooo!!! Jason will be in the house!!

Are you going to rough it? Or are you bringing a giant camper. I understand that you like to glamp it up :slight_smile:

Mitch and I will be Glamping as well!!

Glamping, for sure!

Full on glamping. We are ready!

Hi everyone. Mashout is coming. With it being only 1 week away, we need more people to sign up on the spreadsheet. Are the guys from HOWL joining us? Can someone reach to them if they are wanting to share in our festivities? We will all need a count for our food preparation numbers. Everyone that is going, get off your butt and help us. Even if you don’t know what you will bring, sign up for a spot to let it be known you will bring beer, food or supplies.


Who is ready?

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I have not heard of anybody from HOWL that is planning to go. I know that Dave Artz is not going.

Not sure who has experience with the stores in the area. There is a Martin’s grocery that is maybe 10 miles from the site that looks to be a full sized store that we can hit for food.

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