Mashout 2024 - Aug 15-18

Please put this weekend on your calendar and make EVERY attempt to participate this year. We have several big elements to recognize this year. 10-year anniversary of George passing, relatively recent passing of Pops.

As a club, I have proposed and recieved almost unanimous support for the club sponsoring a Memorial George O Burgerfest. We will cook burgers (with fixin’s) for everyone at mashout.

I would like to get as many beers on tap as we can. I will ask Brent Jones to resurrect the planning spreadhseet so we can start to track stuff that way.

In a nut shell, each participant should,

  • Try to get at least 1 kegged beer to mashout (our club record is 23 beers on tap)
  • Sign up for one club meal
  • SIgn up for at least one item to contribute to the club sponsored George O’s Burgerfest.

More to follow.


Sorry for the delay on getting this posted. Here is the link to the Mashout spreadsheet. Anyone with this ink has the ability to edit it and make changes. If you have questions, ask. If you make a mistake, use the undo button on the top toolbar. Things that will be important to coordinate early will be beers being brought to Mashout. We do not need 3 of the exact same beers. When you know what you are making, post it so we can get some variety.



I participated in the Mashout planning meeting last night. We are confirmed to provide the Memorial George O Burgerfest. We all agreed that for timing and such, it would be best to plan to do it on Friday evening 7-9pm at the pavillion. There was some discussion about Crabs possibly joining us to make french fries to pair with it.

So, Please plan on attending Mashout and also helping our club pull this off!

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