May 2022 NoVa Homebrew Club Meeting - No Homebrew this month, (unless by exception)

May 2022 NoVa Homebrew Club Meeting

Monday May 16, 2022 @ 7:30pm

44652 Guilford Dr #114, Ashburn, VA 20147


Macro Shit-Show. More directions to follow in related post

Discuss list of topics for tech talks each month.

  • Yeast - brands, starters, pitching and fermentation temps
  • Water - Adjustments for various styles, testing pH and adjusting

Discuss brewing BJMS in Middleburg. Hopefully it happened on Wednesday May 11th.

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Planning starting for Macro Shit-show:

This will be a club activity at the May meeting. The goal is to blind taste beer offerings from the Very Large producers (Macro breweries) and see if you can pick which ones they are. Each participant should sign up for the beer they intend to bring and plan to bring either at least 3 - 12 oz containers or 2 16 oz containers. We require the sign up ahead of time so there are no duplicates, and also so I can create the signage and such.

Please sign up here:
Budweiser - Carl
Bud Lite - Carl
Miller High Life
Natty Bo - Corey
Dos Equis
Molson Canadian - Webster
PBR - Brent
Iron City - Mark
Busch - Brent L. (Evil Brent)
others, … List the beer and your name please

Bring your pallet, this is very difficult!

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I’ll put myself down for Natty Bo.

  • Corey

I added your name to the list above.

I’m bringing Iron City from Pittsburg!

Not to burst anyone’s bubble (Mark), but the idea of the Macro show is to pick a non-unique, but standard bearer/flagship beer from one of the largest breweries in the nation. Typically in mass distribution across the nation. Not just several counties around Pittsburgh :slight_smile:

Not saying you can’t sign up and bring whatever you like, just making sure everyone gets this gist.

The current list of the largest 50 breweries in the United States is as follows:

Rank Company City State
1 Anheuser-Busch Inc (a) St. Louis MO
2 MolsonCoors (b) Chicago IL
3 Constellation (c) Chicago IL
4 Heineken USA (d) White Plains NY
5 Pabst Brewing Co (e) Los Angeles CA
6 Diageo (f) Norwalk CT
7 D. G. Yuengling and Son Inc Pottsville PA
8 FIFCO USA (g) Rochester NY
9 Boston Beer Co (h) Boston, Milton MA, DE
10 Sierra Nevada Brewing Co Chico CA
11 New Belgium Brewing Co / Kirin (i) Fort Collins, San Francisco CO, CA
12 Founders Brewing / Mahou San Miguel (j) Grand Rapids, Boulder MI, CO
13 Duvel Moortgat (k) Paso Robles, Kansas City, Cooperstown CA, MO, NY
14 Gambrinus (l) Berkeley, Shiner CA, TX
15 CANarchy (m) Longmont, Tampa, Salt Lake City, Comstock, Inglewood, Dallas CO, FL, UT, MI, CA, TX
16 Bell’s Brewery, Inc (n) Comstock MI
17 Artisanal Brewing Ventures (o) Downingtown, Lakewood, Brooklyn PA, NY, NY
18 Stone Brewing Escondido CA
19 Deschutes Brewery Bend OR
20 SweetWater Brewing Co Atlanta GA
21 New Glarus Brewing Co New Glarus WI
22 Matt Brewing Co (p) Utica NY
23 Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn NY
24 Harpoon Brewery Boston MA
25 Stevens Point Brewery (q) Stevens Point WI
26 Odell Brewing Co Fort Collins CO
27 Minhas Craft Brewery (r) Monroe WI
28 Abita Brewing Co Covington LA
29 Troegs Brewing Co Hershey PA

As long as I can find a 6-pack, I will bring along my college day fav of Busch.

  • Evil Brent

Please, PLEASE, sign up for this event. Bouncing this so we get participation!!!

We only have 4 people signed up so far. We all agreed that this event would be this month’s meeting. We need YOU!!! to participate. Please sign up so I can be properly prepared.

For this month only, Do not bring homebrew to sample unless you are prepared to present the full details of your recipe and process, and ask specific questions of the club. This meeting is focused on the Macro-$hitShow.

I do not want to force this, but it makes no sense for us to just sample 4 beers. If you all do not want to participate, then please don’t ask for it, vote on it, and then not follow-up.


I’ll bring the Budwiser & the bud light, since it’s in the same family

I’m gonna go ahead and volunteer on Kenny’s behalf to bring Corona. If he can’t make it again this month then I’ll just bring it with me. I’d also be willing to sign myself up for Heineken in addition to Natty Bo. Figure someone else would like to call dibs on the coveted High Life.

Mel wants to join in the shit show! She is going to grab something. I told her what was signed up for already.

I lied……I’ll have Coors, with a backup of Fat Tire in the car.

Thank you to all that participated in the Macro $hit$how!!! I think it was another success!!!

Congratulations to Corey whose expert palate discerned 4 of the 12 beers!! Evil Brent was 2nd with 3!!

The rest had 1 or 2. Fortunately, we had Fat Tire there, so everybody got 1 of them :slight_smile:

I found this picture that made me think of Monday night and if we had had a mascot for the event…