Mitch's equipment for free

Sadly, my mentor and beer Beeyatch!! is cleaning out his homebrewing equipment. This is all for the taking. Please coordinate with Mitch if you are interested. He will be bringing the books to the club meeting on Monday 9/20, but everything else can be viewed in the posted pictures. Whatever does not go to a HomeBrew home, will be sent to the dump.

No more excuses for those that need a kick start!

(Pictures to follow)

Sadly, I won’t be able to make it to the next meeting. (Hopefully the meeting after!) If no one else claims it I’d like the oxygenation kit if no one else claims it in the meantime. Also the carboy drain (the blue thingy?) if someone can hold it for me until I return.

I’d like one of the co2 tanks if you still have it. Thx