Movie Night/Bottle Share

Looks like Friday 10/7 is the winner (Sorry Dan, we will catch you on the next event). I will post an event notice tonight after clearing the schedule with CINC-Home!

tentative schedule:
Bottle Share - appetizer/snacks - Movie “The Greatest Beer Run” on Friday 10/7/2022.
Gather at Webster’s home at 7pm
kick off bottle share
movies starts promptly at 8pm with several intermissions to allow continuing bottle share and snacking.

Please RSVP in the form of a reply here if you intend on attending. I would like to have a reasonable count of how many so I can make sure there are enough chairs.

Lots of sounds of CRICKETS!!!

I will be there.

I’ll be there

I’ll be there

I’m in. What can I bring?

Awesome Andy! Bring your favorite bottles to share!! No canned Miller Lite.

I will have Shrimp Cocktail, Cheese and crackers, celery/carrots/dip, Buffalo Chicken dip, and popcorn for the movie.

Anything else is welcome. Pete and Brent need to fight it out over whose schvetty balls are coming.