No longer brewing

I have finally come to the painful decision that I have to end my home brewing activities. I’ve had 10 years of fun brewing and now it’s time to pass the torch. I have over $2,000 worth of equipment that I want to get rid of, including fermenters, temperature control, fermentation chamber, stir plates, bottling equipment, etc. Way too much stuff to post here, if you want a complete list with photos just let me know. I’m not giving it away - I’d like to get maybe $150 for all of it, but the most important thing is that someone takes ALL of it. I no longer have room to store it because I’ll be moving to a smaller place soon. Please reply ASAP.

Here is a partial list:
8 gallon FastFerment conical fermenter with temperature port, sampling valve, hose fitting drain, extra yeast collection ball
6 gallon bucket fermenter with drain valve and lid with temperature sensor port
6 gallon priming/bottling bucket with drain valve
Mini fridge fits fermentation bucket, can be used for temperature controlled fermenting/largering
Digital temperature controller with custom made 16” stainless steel probe
7 gallon stainless steel brew pot with drain valve
4 gallon stainless steel brew pot with drain valve
2 – Better Bottle 3 gallon carboys with drain valves
2 – 5 gallon PET carboys with drain valves
Hop spider for brew pot (fits both)
Copper coil immersion wort cooler
Heat exchanger for wort cooling coil
Small gram scale for weighing hops
2 liter Erlenmyer flask with magnetic stir rod
Magnetic stir plate 4-1/2” diameter
Magnetic stir/heating plate 7” square
Handheld digital thermometer, Long probe dial thermometer
2 – hydrometers with cylinders
22” long thief
Oxygenation kit
Bottle sanitizer station
Bottle washing/rinsing attachment for faucet
Bottle drying tree holds 90 bottles
Bottle capper (hand), Bottle capper (bench lever)
Bottling wand
4 cases of clean bottles, Bottle caps (approx. 300)
And lots of the usual stuff accumulated when home brewing

Please add some more information and pictures to this post. We are always looking to upgrade, change or even pick up equipment for friends. You will find most of our group is very knowledgeable and interested in the details. Also, where are you located? Thanks!

Added a partial list and a few pictures. Let me know if you have any questions.


I have a neighbor that’s interested in starting the hobby. He may take most of the basic equipment. I’ll talk to him. I’d be interested in the refractometer,

Unfortunately I’m headed out of town early Saturday morning so unless you can make it happen before 8PM today we’ll have to wait until I return.

Any of this still available? Just seeing this now.

All of it is still available. Unfortunately I’m out of town until the third week of August. Do you want me to contact you then?

Works for me, Dave! Safe travels!

Hi, I’m back in town for the next week. Let me know if you’re still interested in this stuff.