November 2019 Club Meeting

Join us for our Thanksgiving meeting -

I clicked on the check mark indicating I am going. Does it show that? And show specially who checked?

Yep, click to the right of the check box where it says how may are going and a window with who should pop up. Maybe you don’t see it if you didn’t create it. I did some massive updates over the weekend getting events going as well as chat. Look for the bullhorn on the left (or top if mobile). Also got a nice little logo and HTTPS :slight_smile:

Banquet License has successfully been acquired.

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TECH Topic for 11/18/2019 Meeting:

For those interested, we will start the meeting with a review of our processes to get a beer from fermenter to keg and what it takes to care for your beer to get it to one off Wednesday. We will also transfer Jim‘s beer and label it.