Old Ox Oktoberfest - Middleburg

Calling ALL Club members!!! This is our time to shine and payback Old Ox a little.

We have been asked to provide volunteers to pour beer for their Oktoberfest party in Middleburg, Va.

This will occur on Saturday September, 17, 2022. They are looking for volunteers to pour beers across 2 shifts: 10:30am - 3pm and 2:30pm to 7pm. I committed to Chris that we would provide him feedback on what our club can support by this weekend (9/3). Pleas post here if you believe you can support at least one shift. We need to commit to something here if possible.

As info, I have guests in town that weekend and cannot work, so I really need someone else to step up and drive our support to Old Ox.

Sadly I am already committed to something that day

We currently have NO takers for this support. This looks really bad for our club. Chris and Old Ox provide a venue for our club meetings and “clean up” after us. They provide the venue and the clean up for free. The least we can do is return a small amount of grace and support them when they call, which does not happen very often.

Let’s go, we ideally need to offer 4 people that can cover 2 per shift. Please try hard to commit to this and sign up here. Think of it as supporting your club.

Just saw this earlier today. I also have some plans that day. I can double check on the timing to see if one of the shifts would work.

Edit: I can take a 10:30am - 3pm shift.

Plug me in where I’m needed….

Sorry. I’ll be driving to Myrtle that day.

I’m available for either shift, if there’s still a need for volunteers. I hope I won’t have to prove my Club Membership status, as it’s been so long since I’ve been to a meeting that I’m afraid I’ve forgotten the secret handshake.

Thank you to Club Members Ralph Huppert, Brent Langdon, Andy Wagliardo, Brent Jones, Brent’s best half - Liz Jones, and late arrival Jeff Welch for all jumping at the chance to help our club support Old Ox!!!

The rest of us lazy good-for-nuthin’s, owe each one of them a beer!!!

See you all on Monday for the club meeting and all the stories from Oktoberfest!!


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Any special instructions for us volunteers? I have a 10:30 shift. Should I plan to meet at the (closed?) taproom? Or look for one of the biergartens? I can help with any setup as needed.

More info on the event. It looks like it is the street right in front of the taproom (S. Madison).

You should have received an email from Mary Ann yesterday early morning. I will forward it to your email.

Other Brent

If you need more hands to help I can be available from 3 to 7pm for October for 9/17/22.

Sorry I can’t be there to help gentlemen.
Thanks for the guilt trip Web… now I’m gonna have to drink more while on vacation.

Thanks. The original email from Mary Ann got sent to my spam folder. It should be a fun day. I have always enjoyed pouring at festivals and it has been a while since I have done so.