I figured I should post something in the shout box that Andy worked so hard putting up for us. I have been giving him a hard time about it, so let the shouting begin!!

In case anyone looks at this as well. (I doubt it) Please look at the new topic on the club calendar for 9/17 and respond!!!

To our club members, I have put a post up in the club members section. please log in and reply!

Log in and check the posts!!! Movie/Bottle Share this Friday!

For members, I have put a post in the Club members section about the Black Tuesday Public Buy.

I think that Goose Island has finally lost me. I was excited about their BA Barley wine, but at $42 for 500ml that is a decision that I probably say no to. That price point is applied to some of their novelty stouts which have often disappointed me. This might tip my cellaring into drinking.

:microphone: is this thing on?