Recommendations for CO2 supplies

I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on where to get CO2 supplies and equipment. Starting up and I need tank, regulator, hoses, etc. I’d appreciate any input!

Don’t buy from the local places that you get CO2 from. You’ll do better on the regulator, tubing, faucet,etc from a homebrew store, if you have time to wait for a sale. On the CO2 tank, go on Craigslist and find the cheapest tank you can, ignore the hydro date because you are just buying the tank to trade it in for a full one. Don’t take the tank you find to Roberts or Fireline, they will charge you a hydro fee. Take it to ARC3 in Manassas. They will just swap your tank with a filled one. DONT buy a nice shiny aluminum tank. It will get swapped out with an ugly steel tank (usually).

Thanks for the advice. Been looking for tanks on Craigslist, but I’ll keep an eye out.

Yeah I made this mistake of buying a kegerator with one of those really nice aluminum cans and driving over to PEV’s to get it refilled which became painful and ended up swapping over at roberts oxygen. I dont mind the steel and I always mention to him its for beergas and he picks me out a real nice bottle :slight_smile:

Once you’re set up, I recommend Fireline in Leesburg for refilling CO2 bottles. They’ll actually refill for cheaper than a swap – so wait until you end up with a bottle you like, then use Fireline.
They don’t do beer gas (N / CO2) for slow-pour, just regular CO2. Also recommend going to a 15 or 20lb bottle (the big-ish CO2 tanks) as soon as you can; refill 3-4 times as much gas for only a couple bucks more than 5-lib.

ARC3 took my expired tank exchange and asked for home brew next time. It’s a 20# tank… none of them will work there when I next need gas.

I got a recommendation from a friend for these guys: $57 for a reconditioned steel 15 lb tank seemed like a decent deal plus $49 for a regulator so $127 total with delivery. I have been wanting another tank (I just have a 5 lb tank) and I have not been seeing much on Craigslist.

15 LB? Don’t see many of those. If correct, you might have a bit of a time swapping out the tank. What I’ve seen, it is 5, 10 or 20 lb tanks.

Maybe that is why it was cheaper! My 5# tank tends to last me a while depending on how often I brew, so hopefully I just need to fit in a refill every 5 years.