Services available at Craft Of Brewing

I have already talked this up with most. We are offering cleaning on plastic Speidel fermenters, corny kegs and something I haven’t mentioned, wort chillers.

I had a home brewer come in with a counter flow chiller (all copper tubing) and I successfully caustic cleaned it. I imagine that I can also clean plate chillers as well. Might have to bring in mine and test it out.

Some know that I was not really all that favorable on plate chillers for homebrewers, but since I have figured out how to clean with hot caustic, I’m in on them.

The cost for fermentors and corny kegs is one dollar each and a wort chiller is 5 dollars ( the chiller will probably need to stay overnight at the brewery).

If you have interest in getting some of your stuff cleaned, you might want to get on it. There is no guarantee that any brewery will be around when this CCP virus isolation is over. I’ll bet the county will loose a few and TCOB is not immune. I am not giving you inside information on TCOB because I am just an employee. I’m commenting on the state of brewery (and any other businesses) on planet earth at this point. Even if a business does survive, it will have a heap of debt to get out from under.

I’d certainly be interested in getting my speidel’s cleaned. Do I need just need to bring them over at some point, or set up an appointment with you?

I haven’t announced this to the greater home brew community yet, so just touch base with me with a text to make sure I’m there and swing by with them. I do have to turn on the heater to get the caustic hot so can’t guarantee I can do it while you wait every time. With some heads up, I can. Nothing stopping you from hanging out. Webster is coming by today at 3 with some cornyies. If you read this today 5-19-20 and want to jump in.