Snallygaster 2021

I know a few of us were talking about this recently, but Snallygaster has published their 2021 date: October 9th. Not much else has been announced, but details will be posted here: I plan on going this year, & I’ve had a great time in the past.

Update: Tickets are currently on sale. They’re limiting capacity to 50% of what they’ve done in the past, so they will likely go quick.

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I am going with Mel.

Note that in years past you paid an entrance fee that included some tickets, but not nearly enough to cover a day of sampling (some beers required several tickets). I usually planned another $40 worth of tickets. This year it is unlimited samplings included with the entrance fee. Hopefully the quality of beers stays at the same level, as they typically had many unusual and rare beers. The extra $60 for a 2 hour earlier entry seemed a bit too pricey for me, but I am sure several beers will kick during that 2 hour window.

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For the uninitiated, here’s their 2019 lineup…

So Snallygaster just posted that the VIP passes are 90% sold. If you’re thinking of going as a VIP you will want to purchase today.

I got mine.

I’m going with friends! I can’t wait!

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