SOLD -- 10 Gal Bourbon(whiskey) Barrel for sale


I am selling the 10 Gal barrel that Dave White and I have used 4 times, plus it was used once for the Flight Risk aged in Whiskey at TCOB. This barrel is in very good condition and currently has some residual bourbon spirit left in it.

Looking for a new owner that wants to fill it.

Contact me on this site, or at the club meeting if you are interested.
Webster Anderson - webnmar

Specs: This was originally an 10 Gallon Old Line Whiskey barrel; it was used three times by Dave and I, and most recently had 10 Gallons of Flight Risk in it from TCOB. Was emptied in March 2021. Has had bourbon in it and rolled regularly.

Needs liquid soon

Asking $50.00

The barrel has been sold. No longer available.