Volunteer help at Old Ox Middleburg 9/16/2023

I forced Old Ox to give us a little more warning than last year :slight_smile: We got an extra 4 days this year!!!

The Old Ox Oktoberfest in Middleburg is next Saturday 9/16. They need our club to step up again and volunteer to cover some shifts (10-3 and 2-7 : I think). I expect to be able to this year! Hope several of you can help out as well. It is a nice event up there.

More logistics to follow, but check your calendars and then post your commitment here.

Thanks for supporting NoVA Homebrew!!

I had a good time helping out last year, but I will be out of town that weekend.

  • Brent

I will not be able to make it, already had plans on the calendar.

I’ll be brewing. Sorry.

BUMP. Last call. I need to tell Chris how many. So far, it is just me.

Help us out, please.

Unfortunately i cannot help, I will be out in the early afternoon and picking liz up from her trip in the afternoon.